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My story as below. Plus numerous other horror stories the go back to the 1970s! 



I can not rest until something is done.

This morning I went to what I thought was going to be valuable work experience, at Beacon Hill Vet Clinic, which turns out is run by a real life monster, Dr (He doesn't deserve that before his name!) Kahil, as I am planning to study vet nursing this year. On arrival I had a bad feeling but was eager to gain some experience in the industry. I was asked to clean out the boarding cages. After being given a filthy cloth, I did this. The boarding cat had nothing in his cage but newspaper and a litter tray filled with newspaper, soaked. No bedding, nothing. He looked clearly distressed. Yes, there was food and water but let's remember that's a basic, normal right for the animal to have so don't get too excited. I then cleaned up the urine and faeces of a boarding dog I let out into a small room while I cleaned her cage out. Apparently the boarding dogs are not taken outside until later in the day, which is a bit strange. Don't think there is much interaction with the boarders sadly but this might be a good thing. It's filthy all over but by the sink I see a dirty container that consisted mainly of mould, an old toothbrush and a pen, but no cloths or scrub brush to clean anything with. First thing I took a photo of. I refilled water bowls which had that unclean slimy feeling. I washed them with my hands because the only cloth I was given to clean the cages with looked like it hadn't been washed in 6 weeks. Vet nurse Kylie tells me where the clean bedding is. I grab a few things out (One for the cat that had nothing!) and I can feel and smell that they are not clean, they are actually visibly soiled with old stains and stunk of urine. I then ask Kylie where the washing area is, so I can wash the bedding I removed previously and she takes me out the back, points down the stairs and tells me to just hang them on the line and bring the clean bedding up. Puzzled, I walk down to the clothesline and I notice everything has not been washed at all and is soiled with faeces, urine, blood, fur and vomit. I thought for a moment how much I want this work experience but it did not take me long to go back inside and say these things are dirty and unwashed. Kylie told me not to worry, that she would do it. Moving on. I'm now cleaning the cages in the treatment room and I am noticing extremely unhygienic and hazardous areas right where the animals are treated. I walk out of the room to get new newspaper and come back to Kahil and Kylie attempting to take blood from a small terrified dog. They are in front of the cages so I said I will wait and watch (Because work experience!?) but Kahil removed the tourniquet, shoved the dog back in the cage and said that they will do it later. What was he worried about? It's normal procedure. I carry on noticing disgusting conditions and cleaning cages while listening to Kahil in the next room yelling at Kylie as to why I am not out of the way mopping the floor somewhere. I was alone in the treatment room and this is when I decided to take those photos. I walk out to grab some new bedding, I don't know why, it was filthy anyway. Walk back in feeling absolutely wrong, place the bedding on the bench and turn to see Kylie walking back through the room. I looked at her and said I can not do this, what are the standards here? This is not right. She said to just leave so I grabbed my keys to go and walked out into the front office where Kahil is. Kylie comes through behind me. She says some shit, at this stage I don't care and I am continuously asking what the standards are. Kahil walks up to me, grabs me with force and tried to physically and forcefully push me out of the clinic. Why? I did nothing, I just wanted to understand his extremely low standards. In shock, I step forward to defend myself, put my phone on record and he jogs off into a back room. Concerned and shocked, I try to ring the police. They do not answer. I kept trying a few times to no avail. Thought I'll just go down to the station, I didn't want to charge the man at this stage, just wanted it to be in a police report and I said that to the police. I make my report and leave. A couple of hours pass and I receive a phone call from a female constable saying she had attended the scene and that some allegations had also been made against me. That I had stolen medication. Absolutely gobsmacked, that these two sad excuse for human beings would make up such madness I am a little bit defensive. The constable continued to intimidate me into deleting the Facebook posts which I declined. I was trying to explain my side of the story and the whole reason for the job she just attended, because I had not even spoken with her before this, and she just hung up. Distressed still, I call Dee Why Police station for information and a lovely officer consoled me because I was emotionally exhausted and upset at this stage and said it'll be OK, just wait for a call. So now I am waiting for that call. And I will not stop until this vile man and his brainwashed sidekick are shut down and prosecuted for everything they've done to people and their pets.