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Veterans For Schools #Vetsforschools

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      Our schools need an immediate change and solution to these horrific tragedies that have occurred. We strongly believe our very own Veterans, men and women who have stood and raised their hand, swore an oath against all enemies foreign and domestic, are your answer.

      Veterans have fulfilled this oath during their time of active duty repeatedly, fighting for your freedoms and safety here in America. We have defended against foreign enemies, now we willingly ask you to allow us to do the same here in our schools as a solution to protecting your children. Implementing highly trained Veterans into our schools and preventing more tragedies alike around the US.

      Our first mission would begin here in the schools of South Florida starting with Marjory Stoneman Douglas. We are a passionate group of patriots who love our country and community here in Parkland and would love to see the kids here begin to feel safe again, starting today and not tomorrow. No politics. While maintaining a low profile (civilian attire, armed with a legal concealed weapon) we would stand at different posts around the school at various times. Select faculty of the school would know our schedules of movement, our agenda that day etc. as well as the local police officer or sheriff at that school. There would be a constant communication between our team of Veterans, select staff, and law enforcement. Each highly skilled, hand selected veteran will be put through our very own additional training programs and tests on a weekly basis on top of their training received while still active duty in the military. We also welcome the select staff and law enforcement to train with us side by side to further ensure effective communication and tactics. We would always be on the same page.

      As a former active duty Marine, I speak on behalf of all Marine Corps Veterans when I say once a Marine, always a Marine. Meaning our service to this country does not end when our contract is up. We will forever be the few and the proud, forever willing to stand up against all enemies foreign and domestic. This philosophy not only applies to our Marine Corps Veterans, but also a strong majority of veterans from different branches.

      It was, and always will be our mission to ensure safety and freedom for our country. Allow us to do the same for your children, teachers and faculty members. #msdstrong #parkland #neveragain #vetsforschools

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