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Changes Needed at the VA Healthcare System

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My name is Rebekah Lanier and I am the wife of a 100% disabled veteran. I have recently become aware of the VA's practice of copy and pasting throughout veterans' healthcare records resulting in false information, or in some cases, other veterans' records being pasted into the wrong record.  This can, and has led to misdiagnoses and veterans being wrongly medicated. This initially happened to my husband in 2004 when a VA nurse practitioner put incorrect family background history into his file.  Throughout the years, the problem has compounded as the incorrect information was copied and pasted throughout his record.  This directly led to him being given several wrong diagnoses, which were also put in to his record.  Unfortunately, we did not become aware of this until 2016 when this same nurse started medicating him for illnesses he did not have, which could've led to his death.  We recently tried to file an amendment for his record, and attached the necessary proof to show how incorrect his record was.  The VA had this information for 2 months, but did not review it before they made the decision to not accept the amendment.  They came to this decision without making contact with myself, or my husband.  This needs to stop. These records follow veterans for their entire lives and could lead to many incorrect diagnoses that could harm the veteran or cause death in some cases. Please support this petition by signing your name and taking a stand against bad VA healthcare practices.

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