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Part 2?

Nicole March
Sun City Center, FL

Mar 28, 2013 — to make him eligible? If by chance we are turned down for medicaid are these nursing homes going to take us to court for this money ?? could we be turned down by the VA for something else? My father needs constant care, my mother cant provide it she is not a nurse and neither am I. He has dementia and can be a handle to deal with. Boy can he yell still! Coming home would be a threat to his own safety and possibly my mothers as a caregiver due to his confusion and sickness. So what do we do when the whole option is a giant circle?
Before this whole VA thing began we spoke with Elder services we were put on waivers that could take a year plus, we were told about medicaid, a self abuse report was filed due to his non eating. THEY recommended the VA.
I tried to find every option available and to do the "right thing" What are the options left?
I will take anyone' s recommendations.

He and we deserve better,

But now im at a loss for the next step.


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