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What to do? what else is left? this will be in a few parts

Nicole March
Sun City Center, FL

Mar 28, 2013 — So I ask the question if no option is left where does he go?

So I spoke with someone today from a non VA-related but veterans website nonetheless. They were very nice. They explained the denial a bit better to my understanding. He has been denied because we are not paying currently for his specialized nursing care as we await medicaid and were awaiting VA. Now while we are not paying we ARE BEING BILLED. ITS ALOT THOUSANDS. Im guessing because if we are turned down by medicaid THEY WANT THERE MONEY.

According to this VA affiliate now if he was denied medicaid and we started paying for him privately for a home health nurse or a nursing home we could qualify as that medical expense would deplete our supposed income.

But the question is this. HOW could we even start to pay for a private home health aide,or a nursing home? its a catch 22. We this week at the end of the month have trouble coming up with gas money to and from his facility so how could we start to pay



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