Kathleen Fogarty responds:

Kathleen Fogarty

Ms. March - I appreciate your concern for your father and am sorry he is ill. Our Health Administration Service has several options you can take to try and resolve this matter and is attempting to contact you to advise you about the steps you can take. Thank you, Karen Collins, Public Affairs Officer

Posted on March 25, 2013
  • Patricia Tichenor INDIANAPOLIS, IN
    • 4 months ago

    Dear Ms Kathleen Fogarty and Karen Collins Public Affairs Officer,

    Have you gotten in touch with Ms March in the last 2 years to update her on her fathers case? What are the options now for her mother who is the widow of this honorably discharged Purple heart recipient and veteran of two wars? Can you post here the steps she can take for her mother and give her advice on steps to take now that he has passed away and his widow is eligible for any benefits (he may have been able to use during the end of his life.) She needs further assistance and posting the information here, I'm sure she will read and see what she can do now to help her mother!

    Thank You for your quick response!

    Patricia Tichenor

    DAV member and friend to this family