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Accommodate the present needs of returning soldiers

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May 28, 2013

To Concerned American Citizens;


Re: Reforming the Veteran Affairs office to accommodate the present needs of returning soldiers 

I am writing to you with concern about the current state of the national VA office. I’m a high school student currently researching Veterans and their reworking into peacetime society, and the lack of support on the side of the government is remarkable. With backlogs averaging 125 days to process, our veterans are coming home to a neglectful nation. With some waiting over two years for their benefits, we have an epidemic of untreated soldiers, willing to risk their lives for a country that can’t get them vital benefits in a timely manner. We currently have over 800,000 claims waiting to be processed; the majority of those veterans have been waiting more than four months for their claim to be processed.
As responsible and accountable citizens of The United States, we have to ask what we can do on an individual level to assist our returning soldiers. The dangers in these numbers are all too real, leaving returning troops without a net to fall back on. Their benefits seem to go on hold after they return from active duty, limiting their access to important systems like healthcare, therapy, childcare, among other critical benefits. The situation can be rooted to an outdated and uncooperative method of processing paperwork, as well as an issue in the lack of leadership we have in the VA.
The VA has been given funding and support to modernize their system, but have failed to do so in a way that accommodates the lives of Veterans. This isn’t just a technical error, but a huge issue affecting the lives of millions of Americans. It’s so important that we raise our voices to this issue and echo the words of people labeling this as unacceptable. With suicide rates among veterans higher than those who died in combat, we can’t afford to leave these valiant men and women to their own devices. We need a system of processing that won’t leave our soldiers hanging. Encourage the government to reform the VA in a way that rightfully serves its citizens, or change leadership to someone who can, and sign this petition.
Yours Truly,
Poe Johnson

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