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Help This Vet Get Proper Disability

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As a United States Marine, Jarrett Gimbl was injured while on active duty. Gimbl sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). He was later honorably discharged for the United States Marines.

During the time immediately following his return to civilian life, further symptoms developed and he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Now struggling with TBI and PTSD, Jarrett found it increasingly difficult to return to the life he had prior to his military experience. As depression, loneliness and despair continued to consume him, he began to entertain thoughts of a permanent end to his suffering, until he meet his dog Gunny who he credits with saving his life. Gunny is registered as an emotional support animal and found Jarrett through an organization called Guardians of Rescue. Gunny is a testament to the miracles that can be worked when veterans are provided adequate care. 

He is fighting to recieve adequete medical care for symptoms related to his TBI and PTSD. Despite his veteran's association doctors diagnosis of these conditions the regional office has ruled that Jarrett is 0% disabled and is eligible only for medical insurance through the veterans association, but not for disabilty payments.This leaves Jarrett completely without any form of disability compensation and struggling to pay bills. This is especially problematic due to a well documented backlog in requests for care and insurance at the veteran's association on the Federal level.

Your support could help Jarrett get the medical care he needs to recover. He fought for you, will you fight for him? 

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