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Veteran's affairs: Designate a new identifying term for Combat Related PTSD

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I am a combat veteran with Combat Related PTSD. I am trying to establish a designator called Post Combat Stress Disorder (PCSD) to replace the combat related PTSD. The reason is because when I first started researching PTSD, I was getting results and articles about natural disaster victims, rape victims, parent’s who had lost a child, etc..... All of these are important and are listed as PTSD. The problem is that when looking up information on PTSD you sometimes have to read into the article a bit before finding out which classification it is, combat, sudden loss, etc.... The plan is simple, to designate Combat Related PTSD as PCSD in order to simply help people find exactly what they are looking for without having to weed through articles that are addressing the other classifications. This is a small step, and I think it should be a sub category under PTSD. I think all of the classifications should have a designator such as this one, but my area of focus right now is combat related, therefore that is where I want to get this started. I would define PCSD as the form of PTSD that is a direct result from combat events such as fire fights, IED attacks, Rocket attacks, being exposed to dead combatants both friendly and/or enemy, and any other traumatic event that could be considered combat related, that occur while a soldier is deployed in a combat environment. This is not limited to situations that are in war zones, it could also be an area not considered a war zone if there is military activity in a combative confrontation. I have spoken to other veterans, and it seems to be a very popular idea among the veterans to do this because many of them have had the same issue with looking up material on the subject as I have.

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