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Stop denying pain medication to our veterans

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As a result of the mass hysteria over opiate pain medication veterans are being denied access to pain medication. A lot of people who suffer daily pain are being affected by the over kill of restrictions on pain medication but it is especially bad when our wounded and permanently disabled veterans who fought for our freedom are being punished because others decided to abuse pain medication and became addicted.we have vets who have been on pain medication for years and take their meds as ordered have never been out of compliance with their pain contract being cut off of their pain medication or severely cut back to the point that their pain is not being relieved.These changes to their medications are for no other reason than beaurocracy and knee jerk reactions other people abusing pain meds and becoming addicted.The way this situation with people abusing pain meds has been handled is a disgrace. So many people in pain have been made to suffer, discreminated against and neglected. No one has tried to use a common sense approach and leave people alone who take their medications without abusing them. Our veterans of all people should not be punished and made to suffer like this. Opiate pain medication does serve a purpose and helps people who need it.we have veterans who have suffered severe life changing injuries such as amputees and many other disabilities that they will have the rest of their lives. Why are we going to reward them for their service by denying them pain medication.This is totally inhumane and will do much more harm in the long run than good.As I write this I cannot even believe people have allowed this to happen to people with disabilities and pain much less our service men and women.

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