Keep The VHHS Rebel Mascot

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We ask that our board be strong and stand up for the overwhelming majority of past and present students, employees and community members by refusing to change the Vestavia Rebel Mascot.  Don't let an outspoken few take away what we have all worked so hard to build.  If we don't stand up for this now, what will be next?  Pirates were known to rob, rape and pillage so will we now remove the Pirate at Pizitz?  Lancers rode in jousts and won their duals by killing the opponent.  Will we now change the Liberty Park Lancer mascot?  No--because times have CHANGED!  At Vestavia Hills High School, being a Rebel means loving everyone equally. It means helping others. It means working hard, making a difference, doing what’s right. Being a Rebel means striving every day to grow and to love one another. Regardless of what it once may have meant to some people, that’s what it means now–at least in Vestavia Hills. In the past that word may have had a negative connotation but that is no longer the case. This school, these administrators, teachers, coaches, students, athletes and this entire community have changed that definition. At Vestavia Hills, everyone is a part of the Rebel family and anyone who is a part of that family knows…. When you play one Rebel, you play us all!  

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