Verso Books & the New Left Review, Stop Supporting Gopal Balakrishnan

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As this Buzzfeed article makes clear, Professor Gopal Balakrishnan of the University of California Santa Cruz has a terrible record of abuse of power, with at least two people speaking on the record about sexual assaults, many more speaking to harassment and classroom misogyny, and a string of Title IX complaints dating back to at least 2006. Verso Books and New Left Review, we the undersigned ask that you stop supporting Professor Balakrishnan and remove him from the New Left Review's Editorial Committee. If you do not make this change, we pledge to boycott both Verso and NLR: we cannot, in good conscience, support institutions that stand with abusers, however radical they purport to be. As the "largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world" Verso Books and its parent organization the New Left Review have a responsibility to radicals and agitators worldwide. As publishers of major feminist and Marxist feminist work, you have the opportunity to show leadership and that you can "walk the walk" by withdrawing support from a known serial abuser. Continuing to support Gopal Balakrishnan sends a clear message that you are on the side of the powerful and comfortable, of institutional repression, and of injustice. We ask you to make the right decision, remove Professor Balakrishnan from the New Left Review Committee, no longer publish him at Verso Books, and stop giving him a platform at NLR/Verso events.