Help our little family fulfil our lifelong Australian dream

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Help our little family fulfil our lifelong Australian dream
We are a family of four, myself Veronique, my husband Patrice and our two adult children Timothy and Victoria. Together we embarked on an adventure which would see us falling in love with this amazing country and the opportunities it would give us. In the six years we have been here, we have seen our daughter go through the local education system, complete her HSC and make her life for herself with an apprenticeship as a Pastry Chef. Our son has fully immersed himself in the local community as an active playing member of the Warringah Rats Rugby Club as well as studying for a Diploma in Management and supporting himself by working locally as a barista.
And us! Myself and Patrice first fell in love with the idea of making a life for ourselves in Australia when we were volunteers at the Rugby World Cup in Montpellier in 2007 where we were assigned to look after the Australian team. We decided to pack up our lives, meaning we sold our home, our business and moved with hopeful anticipation of building our dream. Since we have been in Australia we have focused on immersing ourselves in the local community by producing the very best products in the bakeries we have worked in, introducing the locals to beautiful French pastries and breads. We take huge pride in our recipes adapting them to use local Australian produce, our love of good food and our passion and belief in producing an excellent product comes across in every bite.
The community loved us! They loved our product! They loved our famous French style and humour! We would get stopped on the street, people talked to us and we feel like we belong and that we are contributing and making a difference, a real difference to people’s lives. We have made real connections with people, people who care about us. So, now we are finding ourselves in a position that could ultimately destroy our dream.
Our employer has gone into liquidation as of September. We have lost our dream of running our bakery, our 457 sponsorship is ending. We had been on the 457 for two years and about to get our PR, but due to the poor timing of this liquidation it means we have lost this opportunity. And the worst thing is that now due to my age, I am 49 and seen to be too old to apply ourselves for PR. We are devastated. What can we do? The law is the law. But, they do not take the human story behind it. That we have poured our heart and soul into our life here. We suffered a tragedy since being here. Our eldest son Maxime was taken from us too soon at just 24 years of age back in France. Our world turned upside down. It made us realise more than ever we no longer have a tie to France. Our whole life, our family focus is here, in Australia, it is the only life we know now. We want to remain together, potentially we could end up being split up. The kids have their lives here to look forward to and we are at a crossroads. The dilemma is, we have a backer. Dependant on our visa he wants to open our bakery, to get us doing what we do best back in the community supplying our good food and doing it the way we know how with our love and French flair. We have the commitment, the drive and the focus to work hard to make this happen. We are self-sufficient. We rely on our hard work to provide for ourselves and our family, we do not need to look for assistance outside of this.
We are presenting the Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton, with a letter along with this petition and our story to help us to stay as a family unit here in Australia and achieve our dream. Please sign and share our story to help make this happen for us, our time is running out.