Allow Mr Mizzi to teach in N.S.W Gov, D.E.T Schools. Lift the N.S.W 1998, 20 year ban!!

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This petition draws attention to teachers who are 'Black Listed' from teaching in N.S.W Government schools, on the 'not to be employed' list.

Raymond Mizzi has been on this list since 1998, but may teach in Government schools in any other State, except N.S.W.

Please accept this petition from our community as support for him to be competent to teach in N.S.W Government Schools in 2018.

Ray has been on the list of teachers to not be employed by a N.S.W Government school for over 20 years, since 1998. This was due a dispute with a principal that started when he took a sickie' to play a gig at Newcastle Uni with his band. At the time he was in the 2nd week of first term at a new school. He accepts it was wrong but it should not reflect on his ability or competence as a teacher.

Listen to Some of Ray's Original, Educationally based Compositions

Ray graduated with distinctions from Newcastle Uni (1990-1995) and was effective as a teacher from 1995 to 1998 before the ban. He continued to work where possible as a teacher, traveling around the world and interstate, but he would like to be near his family, especially as he has a daughter who is now in year 8.

We understand that advice made in 2007, after 4 years teaching primary and other subjects in another state, was to not change the decision, but to impose a new  requirement for Ray to teach music for 2 years in a non-Government school before he could be allowed back into the N.S.W DET and think this is unfair. We ask the DET to please accept Ray's Competence, and recent reference which includes classroom teaching in Music and other subjects, several concerts and a full range of extracurricular services including accompaniment to students at the H.S.C level.

" Please understand that the region of my home town has few opportunities outside of the Government Sector. I am prepared to drive hours from my region, but even for this I am not finding opportunities. I ask you to please lift the ban on my teaching for N.S.W Gov, in light of my recent experience and changes. Indeed, this sanction continues to have a profound effect on not only my life, but that of my daughter, who is now 13." Ray

This petition is from people who know of Ray's character and all signatures reflect choice and no form of coercion.

"I wish to personally thank the many individuals for whom I am indeed grateful, young and old, leaders, parents, students and friends - many of whom have been a constant source of motivation, support and encouragement." Ray

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