Stop Council Harassment of gay nude events

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The Benalla Rural City Council in Victoria has, over the years, allowed various nude events to occur, without any difficulty in obtaining a permit. But, when Kevin Smith wishes to run his own NudeManFest events for naked men, the council's scrutiny and obstruction has been in the extreme.

Kevin has so far paid nearly $40,000 in legal costs and spent 3 years in court and still has no resolution. Every time the council keeps on bringing up more and more obstructions. Furthermore, when Kevin has friends around, the council insists on coming out to Kevin's property to inspect, the most recent time even bringing the police with them.

It is clear that there is a high level of homophobia in the council and amongst some locals and we feel that the council is determined to confound any attempts for Kevin to have events on his property.

Sign this petition to tell the council that homophobia and harassment and deliberate obstruction of someone just trying to hold a small event on his own property is unacceptable.