Lets Get The 'Angels' Back In 'Homeless Angels'

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(Excuse me while you read this as I am not very good at speeches or writing, AND bear with me as its a long one, just know that we have started a movement and we need YOUR help.)

Let me just start off by saying that this movement was not created to throw hate and drama at the Homeless Angels, as they do still help SOME of the homeless and one less homeless family off the cold hard streets is what we want and need.

Mike founded the Homeless Angels years ago to help end homelessness in the city of Lansing, MI with hopes to expand to other cities across the state. He has put his heart and soul into the Homeless Angels and built the organization from the ground up. He served his community through HA with his own time and money, along with donations received from the community, while also working full time! Every year in the month of November, Mike sets out to raise awareness of the homelessness in Lansing, while sleeping on the streets WITH them. He helps the homeless by accepting donations from his community to house, feed and cloth the homeless while not using any of it for his own personal profit, as its now being used by the new HA owners. Since resigning from the Homeless Angels, Mike Karl and his supporters have become aware of many many families, many with newborn children, that have been denied shelter at their hotel, even just a place to sit in their lobby to keep warm (as the previous owners have allowed before) or have been thrown out on the streets for simple reasons. We are deeply saddened by all of the stories that have come to the light of what the new owners have been doing to the homeless, the people that need them the most. The new Homeless Angels have turned Mike Karl's organization into something they can profit from. We would like to point out that that is NOT why Mike Karl founded the Homeless Angels, originally a NON-profit VOLUNTEER organization.

It has been reported that the Homeless Angels threw a family of 9 (including a newborn child) out to the freezing cold on 01/04/2018 because they were late (7pm curfew) returning from searching for a meal for their family. Only after the issue became public they offered assistance; While the family is safe and sound during the dead of winter, they've decided not to accept their offer. While Mike was 'in charge' this would've never happened as he only had three rules: No visitors, drugs or alcohol; He would've never allowed a newborn child to sleep on the streets. Before this report, a 3 month old and the child's mother (a month prior) was denied shelter in below zero weather. It has also been reported that the new Homeless angels charged a family $225 to stay just ONE week in their hotel, that adds up to be about $33 a day out of their pocket. That's almost $200 MORE than what I pay each month for my 2 bedroom house. If this family had to PAY for their room, where are our communities donations going to? New curtains and custom rods? How many homeless families will those house?

This is what we want from the new Homeless Angels: 

-We would like anyone who is on payroll, anyone who makes a personal profit at HA to STEP DOWN and resign.

-We would like for any gifts, money, or anything of similar nature that were received by any Homeless Angels or Burkewood EMPLOYEES be returned to the community of Lansing as their donations were intended. 

-We would like the OLD RULES that Mike Karl had in place to be reinstated, so that less people are out on the streets.

-We would like the Homeless Angels to become a NON-profit, VOLUNTEER organization once again, where not one helping hand is PAID for their services. 

-We want ALL donations to go to the homeless, NOT to the Homeless Angels EMPLOYEES. 

-Mike Karl has also stated that if Tim Baise steps aside, he will happily accept the organization as his own again. Tim and his team can have the hotel, the food truck, and all of the fancy material items. We would just like the Homeless Angels organization back in his name. They can happily create their own organization under their OWN name.  

Mike Karl would like to apologize to everyone who has been affected by their wrong doings and that if you know of anyone who needs help you can freely message him or his new organization -Cardboard Prophets- and he will gladly do his best to help each and everyone who needs it.

We would also like to say THANK YOU for everyone who is following and supporting this movement! All we want is to help the homeless and NOT profit from them. After signing this petition please SHARE with your friends and family on your social media pages. Thank you again!