Unfair Garbage Disposal Policies for Local Businesses - Verona, NJ

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Ordinance Number 2018-18 of the Township of Verona, County of Essex, State of New Jersey states that "all commercial and institutional sources shall be allowed to place solid waste at the curb for collection by the Township Collection System, provided that all garbage and refuse shall be contained in no more than five suitable receptacles." This directly impacts the property in which Lakeside Deli is located on. There are five units on this property, which restricts Lakeside Deli to operate using only one garbage pail. It is unreasonable to expect a food service business to operate on these restrictions.

Thank you for reading this petition. By you signing this it shows your support, but to truly change this statute you must stop by and sign the petition at Lakeside Deli. Unfortunately, time is running out and we would love to see you by Friday, June 8th at noon.