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Revert Chromebook Auto-Shutdown Update

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The following is an email I sent to Matt Shea, the Chief Technology Officer at Vernon Township High School. The petition is to show more student body support to ensure this update is reverted for its inefficiency outlined below:

  • Throughout the day, I have important tabs open such as documents on my google drive, documents for my papers, online textbooks, and other significant things.
  • With this new Chromebook update, I have lost my tabs upon shutting my computer in which when I reopen it, I must log back in and find my tabs that I had open once again.
  • Today, even a student, I noticed, was keeping their Chromebook open in the hallway today to prevent it from shutting down as they had something important open up and didn't want to lose it by closing it.
  • Teachers sometimes don't require you to print out your homework and thus you can show it to them on your computer, and with this update, a teacher would waste the time of their short 42 minute period waiting for each individual student to open up their Chromebook for them to see their homework.
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  • The whole update itself is inefficient in all factors.
  1. I understand the argument that it will help the computers to connect to the hotspot in the classroom, but a student should have the choice to manually do that as they may not want to always have their Chromebook shut off. They may have a class right next to their current class and may not need to always shut down to establish a strong connection. 
  2. Throughout my years of using this computer, I have found it to be a more efficient way of learning, yes, but say if I had a question or my fellow peer had a question, I could just easily open my Chromebook and search it. However, with this system in place now, it wastes time by those 15-30 seconds it takes to open the computer. Yesterday, when my classmate asked a question, I felt discouraged to use my device to help find the answer to the question. 
  3. The internet connection, I find, isn't even better. Throughout using my device this week, I have found no difference in internet connection, only a slightly faster speed, but only a bit. 
  4. If students are forced to this, why aren't teachers? I hear teachers all the time complaining about their internet connections.

Students should have an option to do this setting, otherwise, they can do it manually to fix their internet strength. The whole idea behind is a justifiable one, but my fellow peers and I feel that it demeans our academic ease and instead discourages us to resort to devices for our education. On the One-To-One Program site, it states that the program is to "create learning opportunities for our students by integrating technology into various classes and courses" Now this has been successful personally for myself, but now, I don't have much faith as I have felt discouraged and so have my peers from this update as it adds more steps to easily access the internet, which is easily accessible by our phones these days; this plainly prompts us to easily use our phones instead of Chromebooks to look up things. We feel we are being more restricted on these devices that are meant to make us become more adapted to technology in an adapted world, but yet, we feel more disconnected from these devices and resort to our personal devices. I ask that this update is reverted and be allowed to make it manual on our own, or allow individuals to turn on the setting on their own if they want it; give us the freedom to do it and not be forced to do it.

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