Save the geese in Vernon

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Today we need to make a change.   

The city council has decided to spend $41000 to cull the geese in Vernon. There are other options such as repellents, vegetation change, machines for maintenance  and scare tactics that can be used. There needs to be more studies and more commitment to these other tactics to  see the results because In other cities these tactics are working.

This is Wrong! We need to take care of our beaches  and common areas which means maintenance but we need to take care of our wildlife aswell.. As a community, we need to look at options such as  buying maintenance  machines, spend the time and money changing the vegetation  in these areas.  Scare tactics, noise and dog is a deterrent  for the geese and we need more time to study these . The water pollution is a concern, but using the right vegetation can greatly reduce this and needs to be researched more.  People are saying these are an invasive species,but this is their home, they have been here for many years and  we need to find a way to co exist. THIS NEEDS TO BE DEALT  WITH ETHICALLY AND  MORALLY. 

 Our city needs to have higher standards for our wildlife,  just this year  we got our first wild life observatory and this feels like a step backwards.  Our community needs to be involved in these decisions and more time is needed. 

I intend to take this to the city council and mayor and STOP THE CULL.

Please help me save our wildlife and   STOP THE CULL.  Please spread the word and share! Together we can make a change!