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Kernel source for Vernee Thor(ca2)

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Vernee Thor is a super phone having great hardware but it does not have great software. If we get the kernel sources or new touch driver for Vernee Thor(new revision) then we can build the best custom ROMs which is better than the stock ROMs. Sign this petition if you want the kernel sources to be released.

You repeatedly addressed by many (and including myself) to provide source
code, but You refused to provide a fresh version of the source code, thereby violating the GNU GPL license.
The license says:
Freedoms and obligations
The GPL grants recipients of computer programs the following rights or "freedoms":
- Freedom to run the program for any purpose;
- Freedom to study how the program works and modify it (the prerequisite for this is access to the source code);
- Freedom to distribute copies of both source and executable code;
- Freedom to improve the program and release improvements to public access (a prerequisite for this is access to the
source code).
- In general, the program distributor received under the terms of the GPL, or a program based on it, must provide the
recipient with the opportunity to obtain the corresponding source code.
Please provide the source code for our device, Vernee Thor, in order to refine and fix the bugs with the availability of
all firmware on this unit.
In case of refusal to provide the source code, I will have to contact the GPL licensing service, as well as the developer
of the Android OS - Google



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