Stop the shutdown of Buzzed Creamery

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I believe there is a great injustice happening in our own small town. I do not speak for the owner or workers in any way I just believe our community can and should do better.

Buzzed Creamery is the cutest shop known for their “Alcohol infused handcrafted ice cream mimicked after your favorite cocktails. Made from scratch at location. ***MUST BE 21***”

They opened about a month ago in our little town and they are already getting shut down without cause. With apparent “bad reviews” and “concerning comments” from our community they now have to shut the doors on their dreams. I would like to know if any of the people with such comments have actually been into this shop??

They are more than alcoholic ice cream, they also sell:

NON-alcoholic Ice cream

Raw, organic honey- and honey products such as chapsticks, pop sockets, soap etc.

Hilarious Kitchen items such as- oven mitts, towels, aprons, etc.

Home decor- rustic furniture, adorable signs, pillows, hand woven wall tapestries, etc. (most locally made)

Ice cream Bath bombs for him or/and her

So with that being said, what exactly is the problem here?? They have 5/5 star reviews, they will ID EVERYONE, they passed everything needed to open this shop, they are a LOCAL BUSINESS and they attend and sell at our local events.

This is a place to try something new, buy a gift, enjoy a birthday party and just have a good time. There is absolutely no REAL reason this shop should be getting shut down.

I hope we’re not too late to help keep this dream alive. If there’s one thing we can do it’s use our voices to show love, not hate. Visit the shop for yourself, the owner is so kind and loving.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

**Sign this petition to stop the shutdown of Buzzed Creamery**