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Petitioning Vermont State Senate Agriculture Committee

Vermont Senate Ag Committee: Support S. 109--ban the docking of dairy cows' tails

Amputation of cows’ tails persists in Vermont, despite the fact that veterinarians agree that it is painful and causes distress; scientific research concludes that it does not enhance product quality; and conservative industry associations, including the leading national journal Hoard’s Dairyman, admit that tail docking is “one practice whose only place should be in the annals of history.”

Letter to
Vermont State Senate Agriculture Committee
Please support S. 109, introduced by Sen. Dick Sears. Adhering to a husbandry practice that is opposed by veterinarians is not good for the cows or for our green economy. Vermont dairymen can benefit by adopting the position of their own industry leaders and take a stance against the scientifically discredited, socially unpopular practice of routine tail docking.