Ask Governor Scott to Leave the Party

Ask Governor Scott to Leave the Party

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Ronald Lawrence started this petition to Vermont Republicans

A Petition to Ask the Governor to Leave the Republican Party

We the undersigned wish to express our profound disappointment at Governor Scott’s public comments concerning his own Party on January 15th, 2021.  The Governor said, …

'“…Whether they will continue with, what I perceive as, white supremacy, dominating, racial inequity, and so forth, then we’ll all have to make some decisions,” Scott said Friday.

He says he’s hopeful the GOP will get back to its roots based on advocating for smaller government and capitalism.'

We would love to have seen more leadership from our Governor to champion these themes of “smaller government and capitalism”; but, it seems like his leadership in these areas has been less than enthusiastic.

We also challenge the Governor to tell us just what he means by “continue with white supremacy” and “racial inequity”.  We suspect that there is no specific answer. 

The Republican Party has statements in our platform that speak out against racism and white supremacy.  Specifically, the platform states…

“Vermont Republicans cherish our proud history of fighting for our environment, as well as keeping our communities free from crime. We promote and support: …

  • Respect for the inherent value of all human life regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, socioeconomic status, or national origin. We value the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.”

Furthermore, the following resolution was passed at the Republican State Committee meeting in August:

Resolution on the Republican Party’s history of confronting racism.

These hardly seem like a party bent on racism or white supremacy.

Rather, we suspect that these outrageous comments from the Governor are his first steps toward leaving the party.  We’re guessing that the Governor has his sights set on bigger things, and, Vermont doesn’t seem like it is in the mood to send a Republican to Washington. 

So, we’d like to make that transition easier.

We, the undersigned, declare that the Governor’s comments are completely out of step with the Republican Party.  We are disappointed in his leadership in building the party, promoting our philosophies, and supporting President Trump.

So, we the undersigned, respectfully ask the Governor to leave the Republican Party. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!