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Petitioning Chair, Vermont House Judiciary Committee William J. Lippert and 10 others

Vermont House Judiciary Committee: Pass H.112 to require labeling of Genetically-Modified foods

In poll after poll, the vast number of Vermonters indicate that they want to know whether or not the food they eat contains genetically modified ingredients. The Vermont legislature currently has a bill in the works (H.112) that will require labeling of such foods.

Unfortunately, while this bill has been passed by the House Agriculture Committee, the bill has been stuck in the House Judiciary Committee since March 13th and it does not appear to be under consideration until April 2nd at the earliest. The longer the bill stays in committee, the less likely it will pass. We need to take this opportunity to communicate to the House Judiciary Committee how important it is that they take up and pass the bill so that it can receive a vote by the full House!

Please sign this petition to tell the Vermont House Judiciary Committee that you want them to take action on this bill.

If you feel like doing more, consider calling a member of the Judiciary Committee to tell them to move H.112 to the floor without delay, especially if you see one of your representatives in the list below.


(D) Lippert, William, J., 2751 Baldwin Rd., Hinesburg, VT 05461
home phone: (802) 482-3528

Vice Chair
(D) Grad, Maxine, Jo, 301 Paddy Hill Rd., Moretown, VT 05660
home phone: (802) 496-7667

(R/D) Koch, Thomas, F., 326 Lowery Rd., Barre, VT 05641
home phone: (802) 476-4141

(D) Conquest, Charles, W., 409 Bible Hill Rd., Wells River, VT 05081
home phone: (802) 757-3803

(R) Donaghy, Andrew, P., 146 Lakeview Hill Rd., Poultney, VT 05764-9179
home phone: (802) 287-9693

(D) Fay, Michelle, B., 3 Pine St., St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
home phone: (802) 748-1291

(I) Goodwin, Charles, M., 440 Route 100, Weston, VT 05161
home phone: (802) 824-6817

(D) Marek, Richard, J., P.O. Box 476, Newfane, VT 05345
home phone: (802) 365-9107

(R) Strong, Vicki, M., 1367 Creek Rd., Irasburg, VT 05845
home phone: (802) 754-2790

(D) Evans, Debbie, G., 53 Greenfield Rd., Essex Jct., VT 05452
home phone: (802) 878-4317

(D) Wizowaty, Susan, L., 177 Locust Terrace, Burlington, VT 05401
home phone: (802) 864-5651

Thanks for your help!
Jeremy Hansen
Berlin, VT

Letter to
Chair, Vermont House Judiciary Committee William J. Lippert
Member, Vermont House Judiciary Committee Debbie G. Evans
Member, Vermont House Judiciary Committee Vicki M. Strong
and 8 others
Member, Vermont House Judiciary Committee Richard J. Marek
Member, Vermont House Judiciary Committee Charles M. Goodwin
Member, Vermont House Judiciary Committee Michelle B. Fay
Member, Vermont House Judiciary Committee Andrew P. Donaghy
Member, Vermont House Judiciary Committee Charles W. Conquest
Member, Vermont House Judiciary Committee Thomas F. Koch
Vice Chair, Vermont House Judiciary Committee Maxine Jo Grad
Clerk, Vermont House Judiciary Committee Susan L. Wizowaty
I encourage you to take up H.112 in the Judiciary Committee as soon as possible so that the bill has a chance to be voted on by the House. This is Vermont's opportunity to spearhead labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and answer the call of the majority of Vermonters who want to know what they are eating.

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