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Stop the unparalleled discrimination of people in substance abuse recovery in Vermont!

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Vermonter's who are in substance abuse recovery treatment are discriminated against by medical professionals by not receiving equal care as other without such a background, law enforcement target those in recovery because those in recovery are often stereotyped as criminals, no matter how much they have done to change or how far they have come in their lives. Pharmacists create policies under VT pharmacy rule 10.33 that allows pharmacists protection to openly discriminate against recovery patientd by refusing to refill their medications. Complaints about discrimination of pharmacy discrimination are not taken seriously or properly followed up by those responsible for regulation enforcement. Landlords will not rent to someone if they hear rumors in the community about a persons past struggles, employers are allowed to refuse to hire those in recovery or fire those in recovery under the protection of Vermont being an "at will" employment state. Those prescribed Suboxone could receive a DUI under current Vermont law while methadone patients are protected. Lastly, the stigmatizatoon of Suboxone being a "gateway" drug or a drug at high risk of diversion and abuse mY be true in some cases, but should not be applied as a general concensus of public opinion. Suboxone and methadone save lives, creates safer communities by assisting in the treatment of addiction. Addiction recovery takes diligence, bravery, and a sense of self worth. Discrimination & policies and laws allowing room for any of it against recovery patients is unconstitutional, unethical, and beneath our great state. Please tell Montpelier it must act and preserve the right of recovery patients, a vulnerable but large population in our state. Only when we all work together we are "Vermont Strong".







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