VT State Fair: Ban the Sale and Display of Confederate Flag and Merchandise by Vendors

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The Confederate flag is a widely-known symbol of hate. It is the divisive emblem for many past and present neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups around the country, and it was proudly displayed by Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who massacred 9 black people in their church. Its sale and display has been proactively banned at other Vermont fairs and field days as well as many states, including several southern states. This symbol, like the Swastika, has no place in society, let alone in a family-oriented venue such as the Vermont State Fair as it represents a horrific past for many and a heritage of hatred for others.

Proactively banning the Confederate flag's sale and display by vendors at the Vermont State Fair ensures that fairgoers, especially people of color, will not have to encounter this symbol of hate that represents a history of slavery and discrimination. It also demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that all fairgoers feel welcome and safe at what is supposed to be a fun and celebratory event. Hate has no home here and this is a simple way to demonstrate a commitment to that.

We, the undersigned, demand that the organizers of the Vermont State Fair proactively ban the sale and display of Confederate Merchandise.