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take away the data plan and make it an option for env3 env2

It makes no sense to make customers pay extra to buy their phones especially when phone slike the env3 and verizon blitz, jest etc are able to handle prepaid and should be on the 50 unlimited plan for prepaid. The env3 is not a web phone. It sucks for web and you cannot use vcast on prepaid. It makes no sense to have it not be able to use the 50 unlimited plan for prepaid. I petition verizon to make the env3 env2 and other text simple phones available for the 50 unlmiited plan and take away the data plan force option for the env3


We want to help the American people and cut their costs. Buying simple text phones like the env3 and other basic phones is what will help some Americans get jobs, have contact with the world, and help them get out of debt. PLease make these phones available for these plans.

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