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Waive overage fees for those affected by Hurricane Sandy

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People in the path of Hurricane Sandy who lost power and landline phone service have been using their cellphones to stay connected with friends and family. On the Verizon Wireless Facebook page, many customers affected by this have requested that Verizon Wireless waive the overage fees incurred when they go over their minutes and or texting/data allotment. This was a reply posted by a Verizon Wireless rep on the Facebook page: "...we want to help! I know the last thing on your mind is Verizon bill charges durning this disaster. Family safety, rebuilding, and getting your life back to normal would come first.(smile) Fantastic news, you can change your data plan online via MyVZW in seconds. This change can stay in effect for as long you feel you would need the extra cushion. There is no contract extension and you can change back to your regular data plan at anytime.

You can change this feature online, sign in to "My Verizon" Click on "Change Features" icon located under "Plans" in the "I Want To" section near the middle of your home page and follow the instructions provided. Make sure to choose the "Backdate" option which will allow you take advantage of your new data plan for this bill cycle.

Once again, my heart goes out to you an [sic] your lovely family durning [sic] this time. I hope this helps remove the worries. Have a great day! ^PF"

While this will indeed increase the minutes, texting and/or data allowed for the customer, it will also result in a higher bill. In other words, Verizon Wireless will profit from people who wouldn't have gone over their minutes if this disaster had not happened.

Please tell Verizon not to force those affected by Sandy to increase the cost of their cell phone plans. Ask them to waive overage fees for those living in the areas hit by Sandy.

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