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Verizon apologise for demonizing men in its Monster commercial

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We wish to express our concerns regarding your “Monster In the Closet” advert on domestic violence. Specifically, we wish to address the misinformation and bigotry expressed in this video.

You state in this video, in no uncertain terms, that the victims of domestic violence are by default female and the perpetrators are always male. This is patently false. Link 1 The overwhelming majority of statistics prove that the majority of violence is reciprocal. Link 2 And men make up approximately 40% of all confirmed victims. Link 3 The video goes on to state that female children growing up with domestic abuse can only be abused later in life and not become abusers, while male children in the same situation can only become abusers and not be abused themselves. This is again false since children of domestic violence grow up with a greater chance of becoming abused or abusers; sex is not a factor.

The video goes on to detail the emotional turmoil suffered by women in abusive relationships while again ignoring the very possibility that men can be abused. The video concluded by showing the mother and her children walking out of the home without the father, as if to say that homes without men are the intended goal of advertisements like these. All of this is indicative of a serious problem with domestic violence PSAs in general which paint abuse as a sex issue when it clearly is not.

I can think of only 2 reasons for such a heinously bigoted commercial.
1. You company is ignorant. You had no idea how hatful the message of this video is because you are too lazy to do adequate research.

2. Your company, or at least the decision makers, genuinely hate men and children and are seeking to profit from their pain. To elaborate, you show your hated of men by making it even more difficult for male victims to come forward and ask for help. You also further cement the idea in people’s minds that only men can be abusers, meaning that most people won’t offer help even if those men do come forward. Additionally, you assure abusive women that their crimes will not be punished, thus encouraging them to do whatever they want regardless of any consequences. You show your hatred of children by ensuring that children with abusive mothers remain with those abusive mothers indefinitely. You make it impossible for those children to escape their abusive environments by lying that those environments don’t even exist and thus there is no need to escape.

Lastly, you profit from their pain the same way the abuse industry has for decades. You perpetuate the lie that abuse is a sex issue, painting a picture of cowering innocent women trying to escape the eternal bogyman that is the human male. By lying like this, the industry and you find a much easier time in raising funds to fight a problem which does not exist, at least not in the way you describe.

That this video was filled with lies and hateful sentiment is bad enough. However, the damage has been done and an apology is required to make amends.

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