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To extend cable/fiber internet capability to Claysville and the surrounding rural areas

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Dear ISP,

The Claysville(located in southwestern PA zip 15323) and most surrounding rural areas are a growing community severely lacking in reliable and high-speed internet options.  There are new business starting in the area that could benefit as well as just the families themselves.  A lot of new owners in the area of younger generations who rely on internet availability for not only entertainment(Gaming, Streaming, etc), but also for work like myself included.  I think investing in new lines in the surrounding area could benefit both the consumer, and the provider in many ways.

For the Consumer

  • More internet options instead of the limited 4G and Satellite internet most of us deal with.
  • To improve entertainment use(such as gaming and streaming movies and videos from YouTube and Netflix(as well as other sources).
  • To improve security for those of us with cameras that with a reliable internet source we could monitor from a distance whether it be at work or away on vacation we will still be connected
  • To increase productivity in those who work at home full time, part time, or even occasionally.
  • To increase productivity and communications for some of the small startup businesses in the area.
  • Opportunity of growth in the community(new stores, businesses etc)

For the Provider

  • Profit(from the increase in customers)
  • marketing(from local people and small business sharing their experience which could result in an increase of newer and loyal customers)
  • The opportunity to set a foothold in an area of rather barren options when it comes to internet services.
  • Possible local marketing/sales(For any local startup companies/businesses dealing in the technical field, such as ISP recommendations or product recommendations on a more localized level)
  • To grow and expand with your customers and show that you will take those pushed aside into consideration and improve overall company outlook for your willingness to look out for the "little man" in the equation.

There is so much for both the consumer and provider to gain if this is made possible, I truly hope this reaches someone and makes a difference in our community.






Claysville Resident

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