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Stop Verizon from wrongly charging you!

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I switched from a family plan to an individual one with Verizon in late October 2012. It hasn’t even been two months, and I have had these unfortunate encounters with them:

1) The store representative never actually switched me over from my family plan to an individual one, so I was inaccurately charged for that.
2) I was wrongly charged for using over 2GB of data the DAY I bought my phone, which I clearly did not do...and was charged for that. Furthermore, they wouldn’t allow me to see my data usage.
3) I spoke with a representative that promised to switch my plans, but the switch never happened (again).
4) I called AGAIN to address not being switched. I was on the phone for over an hour---the representative was able to switch my plan, but told me I might be charged a second time for overusage. He told me I could email him, so he could give me credit for being wrongly charged again. I emailed him almost 2 weeks ago and have not heard from him since.
5) I also signed up for autopay, but was charged a late fee since the autopay didn’t work. I was told that it takes 30 days for it to go through, and it doesn’t work for the first basically everyone who signs up for autopay is charged a late fee for the first month. I was told that “the system isn’t perfect.”
6) I then decided to visit a local Verizon store that told me that I had to go BACK to the original store I had bought my phone at to address these issues. They would not even help me there.
7) I went to the original store to talk with a representative who then told me that they would credit me and to expect to see it within 48 hours.
8) More than 48 hours had gone by, and I still didn’t see any changes. I called back only to hear that the manager changed his mind and doesn’t want to credit me after all. They never thought about calling me to inform me of this. Furthermore, he told me to call him the next day to try to resolve this, and he hasn’t called me back.

Throughout it all, I have asked repeatedly to see my data usage. No one is willing to be transparent about MY account that I’m paying for, nor are they holding themselves accountable for their actions.

If you have had these kinds of problems with Verizon (e.g. bad customer service, wrongly charged, no accountability or transparency), please sign this petition and give customers the rights they deserve.

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