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NO Cell Towers Near Our Homes!

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Verizon Wireless has made a deal with Scottsdale Ranch to place two “faux cacti”, 30’ high cell towers on Scottsdale Ranch property at the northeast corner of Mountain View Rd and 111th Street, within feet from our home and many other homes.

We request a change of proposed location for the following reasons:

RADIATION.  We are raising our three young children in this home, and these two 30’ tall antennas will be just a few feet away from our backyard and our pool, where our children play every day.  It is just too close.  There are 20 children who live within feet from the proposed location.  There are studies which show that people living in proximity of cell towers had three times the normal cancer risk and documented an unusually high level of complaints of “extreme fatigue, memory loss, headaches, sleep disorders, depression, skin problems, hearing loss and cardiovascular problems.”      
We do not want to take any risk, especially when it comes to the health of our children.  We have also heard the argument that having towers nearby is no worse than talking on the phone.  We do not plan to hold cell phones to the heads of our children 24 x 7. 
REAL ESTATE DEVALUATION.  If we would have known about this proposal earlier this year, before buying our home, we would have reconsidered buying a home 15’away from two cell towers.  There are potential buyers like us, who just don’t want 30’ “towering” antennas that close to their home and kids, and that will impact the value of our home negatively. Simply ask yourself if you would prefer to purchase a home which has cell towers looming over it, or one which does not.  
AESTHETICS.  We will be able to see these twin 30’ structures from essentially everywhere in our backyard and pool.  Even though these towers will be constructed as “faux” cacti, they would not look like real cacti, especially at the height of 30’.  One of the reasons we bought our home is for the beauty of the surrounding landscape.  

 EXISTENCE OF AN ALTERNATIVE WIN-WIN SOLUTION:    There are so many options; there is plenty of space available to move the towers further away from our property.   By accommodating our request to changing the towers’ location we could reach a win-win situation: the constructor will finish the project without any other opposition, Verizon will improve its cell network as planned, and my family and our neighbors, will raise our children without fear of any potential health problems that may affect them in the future and we will not be forced to look at fake “towering” landscaping.  

We request Verizon to listen to us, their customers, and respect our needs, which do not include additional service strength. Our community should not be a stepping stone for Verizon’s future business plan growth. 

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