Get FiOS Customers Back The Weather Channel and WeatherScan

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My name is Ryan Dwyer and I am a BIG weather enthusiast.Yesterday morning, I learned of the heartbreaking news that The Weather Channel and WeatherScan have been removed from the Verizon FiOS line-up. Upon hearing this, I went to the Weather Channel site. I was shocked to learn that Time Warner, Cox and other cable companies accepted the Weather Channel's contract and, that Verizon would not negotiate a new contract. I regularly use The Weather Channel for the big weather picture and WeatherScan for local weather. Without these channels, many people who had The Weather Channel and don't have internet are missing out on vital weather information which is terrible with the severe storms and severe warnings to be issued. I simply ask Verizon to re-negotiate a contract and get it back on the air ASAP. Thank you for your support.