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Receive back full money for college dorms for all who were affected. We are being charged 4k dollars for the dorms, that according to The Hialeah Fire Department that it was an unsafe building. The students were forced to evacuate within 24hrs. The deposit of $350 is also being kept by ASA College. They had over 200 + kids in the Ramada Inn Hotel. 4 students to a basic hotel room. The balcony was sealed shut, so in case of a fire they has no way out, along with many other violations. Hialeah Fire Marshall went to inspect the building and shut down the building as it was considered unsafe. Students were forced to evacuate. My son had to withdrawal from that school and started class back home on Jan 17th, they still have not sent them his transcript due to the balance owed to the school. My son is trying to continue his eduacation but due to the situation at hand he has been dropped from one class and possibly have to stop for the semester if they do not receive his transcripts. PLEASE HELP ME & SIGN THE THE PETITION. 

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As a parent you always want the very best for your children and are hoping that the day they leave home and go off to college and begin their lives that they are able to excel and succeed in the very difficult world we are living in today, you also pray for their safety and well being. Although, you trust that your kids will do the right thing while you are not around that isn't always the case when you have young teens whom are not living at home, under no parental guidance or supervision they tend to run a muck. Normally there is a Dorm monitor or something but it looks like even the coaches were running a muck. 

My son attended school at ASA Hialeah Campus. He resided at 1950 w 49th st Hialeah Fl in the dorms.

My son was forced to leave school and come back home to attend school at home. I have made several attempts to speak with someone for the past 5 months in the financial aid dept and still till this day no word from anyone. Today I left messages to several people in the school including the Dean Nelson Galindo to address this matter so that my son can continue his education.

This school has been very difficult since day one. I do not know what else to do but fight anyway that I can for my son's education and his future. I have contacted the Florida Department of Education and spoke with Mr. Santoro to file a formal complaint against this school. My next step is starting this petition.

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