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We oppose the flavor ban in Ventura County and the cities within our county. 
We are adults over the age of 21 and we oppose any flavor ban on tobacco items. The ban would prevent us from legally accessing adult-oriented products.
1. We support sensible legislation to make sure these products do not end up in the hands of teens while allowing adults the freedom to use products intended exclusively for adults.
2. The recent health concerns regarding "vape" are severely misrepresented
We need to draw a clear distinction between nicotine-based E-liquids and black-market THC vapes. Despite what has been depicted in recent media coverage, black market THC cartridges have been found to be the primary (if not the only) cause of these recent illnesses and deaths according to the CDC

Recommended Regulation

Banning flavored e-liquid will not address the legitimate concerns that we share with the Board of Supervisors. We urge the Board of Supervisors to keep flavored e-liquid in safe, adult-only stores that are not open to the general public.

After carefully reviewing other forms of legislation passed in the United States, we propose the following to the Board of Supervisors:

1. Utilize existing laws to Ban online sales of these products into our community. Other communities have done the same with a national database that restricts by zip code. We know most youth gain access to these products online and blackmarket on line and in person sales.

2. Establish a Ventura County Adult Flavored Tobacco License program for adult-only stores.Licenses are subject to the following:

a. A minimum of $2,000 in yearly fees per licensee to be used by the Ventura County Behavioral Health or Ventura County Public Health or Ventura County Office of Education for youth prevention and health services. Increase fines and possible suspension of license for violations. 

b. Adult Flavored Tobacco Retailers shall be adult-only stores that actively ID individuals that may appear to be under the age of 21 upon entrance into the premises. (no sales in stores that allow under 21 in their store)

c. Licenses are renewed yearly and subject to performance reviews and other regulations deemed necessary. 

d. Adult Flavored Tobacco Retailers shall not have any visible advertisements on front-facing windows or walls visible to the public

e. Adult Flavored Tobacco Retailers shall not advertise in any print publications or youth-oriented marketing activities in Ventura County