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Support Safe Access to Cannabis in Ventura County

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Voters in Ventura County support providing safe access to cannabis in Ventura County, for both medical and recreational use. Despite this support, local government agencies have combined their efforts to create campaigns focused on prohibiting and maintaining bans, to the detriment of their constituents. Urged to adopt bans by the California League of Cities, and consulting firms like HDL (run by former law enforcement), they rushed to defy the will of voters, and passed bans prohibiting cannabis as far as the law allowed them to. 

 Focusing only on potential harms, while providing no harm reduction solutions, the presentations made by Behavioral Health, and Public Health were a waste of time and tax payer dollars.With volumes of medical research available, and more studies published daily, they must be aware of the potential benefit of it as medicine, yet their only goal was to maintain the status quo, and cannabis prohibition. 

Patients need their medicine, and by prohibiting all cultivation and manufacturing under Prop 64, Ventura County will only expose itself to further litigation and economic hardship. The line between recreational and medical use is a fine line, an by prohibiting one and narrowly allowing the other, the County is setting themselves up for failure. The potential for tax revenue that is being squandered by bans is secondary to the disregard for the rights of patients, and the will of voters.

The "seed to sale," requirements mean that the medicine will need to be tracked and traced from every point in the process, and this means that jobs will be created, as each function is performed. The Board of Supervisors needs to advise the Workforce Development Board to revise their last update to the Regional Plan for Job Creation, because the last update to the Regional Plan failed to address the cannabis industry, or it's potential.  Maybe this is because it was decided long before it ever went to a vote, that Ventura County would not allow it here. This puts many residents who wish to enter the industry, and become models of compassionate, compliant cannabis providers at a severe disadvantage, as time ticks away, and the opportunity will be gone forever.  The collusion between the agencies tasked with protecting public health and safety to block safe access must end now, if we are ever to advance our objectives, and improve public health.

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