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Why I am not going to TANA Conference?

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1) TANA failed in saving conference money for service activities. To swindle TANA funds 9000 fake votes added and elections are rigged by few crooked insiders.

2) Three insiders looting TANA funds for their personal benefits.

3) Spending unreasonable amounts of money for movie stars and hiding accounts and spending details.

4) TANA spending money for politicians so that only some insiders use their relations to fix deals in AP.

5) Quality of food is worse than any street food and caterers, who are also insiders, looting TANA.

6) Cultural programs are shortening because of political speeches.

7) There is no good old glory for TANA Conferences anymore.

8) Drunken brawls and heights of abusive language by cheap leadership has become a new trend.

After seeing all these above issues, I strongly condemn and
Protest TANA scamsters.

I am not attending the Conference, I rather spend money and my time for a genuine cause.

I humbly seek your support to my voice.

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