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Vegetation and vegan should be a option for children: Sign petition


The decision to eat meat shouldn’t be taken lightly by no-one. Animals being raised and slaughtered for our enjoyment is a process which provokes debate and has resulted in a growing vegetarian movement. Deeply entrenched views cloud the situation and detract from the actual ethical decision, meaning that children often grow up with conflicting ideas about where meat comes from and whether they should be eating it at all.

We need to be able to educate our children so that they can make their own decisions. No establishment nor parent/ guardian or carer should be force-feeding their children ideas which they are resistant to – establishments should not bully an unwilling child into eating meat.

It is about time that children had choices and that choice starts with education,

we are petitioning to add vegetraianism and vegan in education

Letter to
Ministers Department of Education
To the Department of Education we feel that all young people from a early age should be educated about what they eat and that they should have the choice to be vegetarian or vegan, and educated about how food is processed.

Kind Regards Rachel & Dee Gibson