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Flat rate fees for local residents traveling Express Lanes in VA

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The fixed rates will alleviate the exorbitant and seemingly unfairly priced daily travel costs that so many of us must endure to get to work in this tri-state area. Most families cannot absorb hundreds of monthly dollars into their budget for daily commuting. Some families cannot leave their homes any earlier to "beat traffic" due to child care,  bus stop timing,  etc...

Like many, I commute from the Fredericksburg area to Tysons. I have been with my company for 20 years. The South has increasingly become more attractive for housing at an affordable price. I have carpooled, vanpooled, and driven alone over the years and although the change over of the HOV lanes to the Express Lanes has shown improvement, the cost seems to have risen dramatically in the past 2 years for the same amount of traffic ebb and flow.

Yesterday,  it costs me $25 just to ride from Dale City to Springfield/644 coming and going.  That was with no accidents or unusual incidents and only partially on Express. So, if I were to do this for one week, that =$125.  Then, times that by 4, now we're arriving at $500 for ONE MONTH! not including gas. This is equivalent to a car payment for most. 

I am proposing a flat rate fee by county of residence ie.  Prince William or Stafford. Ex. $5.00 from Springfield to Dumfries or $7.00 if you continue to Garrisonville. This could be measured by your registered address attached to your responder. 

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