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VCUSD: Stop the changing of our beloved and respect Apache name

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We all know that School Mascots are a means to represent the spirit and image of a School; these images and identities of Mascots are revered and respected signifying strength, unity and pride, as it the case with the Vallejo High School Apache.



On November 2oth, the Vallejo School Board voted unanimously to remove the beloved Apache as the Vallejo High School mascot. 


The Vallejo Apache has been a respected and revered mascot, representing strength and dignity for all Vallejo High School Alumni, for nearly 100 years. 


The decision to change the Vallejo Apache to another mascot was decided upon without any consideration from the VHS alumni or official representatives of the Apache Nation.  Community outreach on the subject to make this change was poor, as if to prevent an equal sided argument.  Voices from outside Solano County were taken into consideration before those of alumni or current students thus making this an unfair choice and hasty decision to be made.


The strongest opposition presented was that of Native American tribes from other regions of California NOT indigenous to the Northern California Region, NOT representative of the Vallejo community NOR the Apache Tribe; their argument was that they felt it was racist and ignorant to choose an Indian figure as a mascot. 


The sole Apache tribesman that came to speak voiced that he didn’t feel that choosing an Indian figure and calling it an Apache was neither racist nor ignorant; his only wish was that the heritage and history be made a part of the student’s curriculum, should the Apache be used as part of the schools marker.


We are asking for a stay of the decision to change the Vallejo Apache mascot, until the Vallejo Community and VHS Alumni can be properly informed of the matter and be given the opportunity to present their point of view.  That we, the opponents of the change, be allowed to voice our unequivocal respect for the heritage of the Apache people and be allowed to present the ways in which we are inspired and honored to bare a school identity with such a noble figure as the Apache Warrior, combined with our desire to continue to honor the mighty Apache spirit through continuous education and outreach to celebrating legacy of the Apache people.


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