VCU reduce undergraduate tuition

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Let's Keep it Going!

We are almost at 1,000 signatures! I started this petition without any expectation that it would gain such amazing support. VCU students, parents, and friends... I am speechless. 

I am truly grateful to share this experience with my fellow VCU family during my last year here. We have utilized the strength of our team and united during times of uncertainty. We are dealt with challenging and unforeseen obstacles but we continue to fight a system in place which takes advantage of those who are most vulnerable. For this, I am forever grateful to each and every one of you for coming together during these challenging times. 

Local media has reached out. We are gaining some traction!

Please keep sharing and let's continue to get the word out!

VCU, we expect answers and we are not stopping until we get them. 

Sunny Lee
2 months ago