Help Stop Over Sized Developments In Fitzroy

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Help us stop oversized, impractical, non-sustainable and ugly developments in Fitzroy and the Yarra City Council area. We beat developers last month at a local council level, but now they are appealing at a State Gov't level and the fight for local residents is more important now, than ever.
If this development goes through it will create a precedent which could lead to many more oversized, non-community minded, unattractive, poorly designed and impractical developments in the Fitzroy and surrounding area. With severe impacts on immediate neighbours (some will lose 90% of their sunlight, among many other extremely negative impacts to home owners near by), and an overall lack of community minded sustainability.

On the 10th of October, Yarra City Council voted to stop a development on 93-97 Webb St Fitzroy. Officially On the grounds that:
1. The proposed height does not respond to the existing or preferred character of the area and will dominate the surrounding area.
2. The proposal results in unreasonable loss of daylight and
overshadowing to adjacent buildings and the southern footpath of
Webb Street.
3. The proposal fails to provide an adequate transition in height and mass from the Smith Street Major Activity Centre to the sensitive Neighbourhood Residential Zone within a heritage overlay with its 9metre mandatory height limit.

After almost 100 official complainants and an equally packed house of concerned citizens at the town hall meeting, these were the reasons Council voted against the development - BUT now we have to fight them at a State level (VCAT) and we must start again with our case. VCAT does not read the one hundred previous objections. Local residents are stepping up to speak out against this monstrosity and armed with your signatures their voices will be louder and stronger.

We need to have the councils decision upheld at VCAT. The more signatures we can get showing that people who live, work and play in the area do not what this sort of development the better.

In the bigger picture we need to fight this development to make sure precedents are not set which would help developers build bigger and worse buildings all over the Yarra City Council region.

This particular site is itself heritage listed, and surrounded on all four sides by heritage listed buildings. It is not on a major road. And is bigger than any comparable building in the region. If this building gets approved it will be the new standard for countless other potential developments.

Whether you live in the area, visit the area, or are just concerned about the over development of suburbs anywhere, your signature will help immensely.

Personal story
I am creating this petition on behalf of a large group of the community who have come together to try and stop this development in it's current form.

As a whole we believe that this development fails greatly to fit in with the nature of the surrounding buildings, the height levels of buildings in this or any other comparable location, and with far, far too great an impact on those who live and work in the buildings in it's immediate surroundings.

Luckily the community came together, and successfully fought the original approval of this development. As a group we have a variety of wishes for the proposed site, from blocking development of this site all together, to forcing a major changes to the design they are trying to get passed, to forcing a complete redesign. All of these positions will be argued for at VCAT.