Help Stop Over Sized Developments In Fitzroy

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Can you help one last time to Save Fitzroy?

The Save Fitzroy campaign against the proposal for the hugest apartment block in Fitzroy continues, and we are going to VCAT next month. Your signatures of support have helped immensely. Now we are hitting the developers hard with experts in heritage preservation and planning lawyers that uncover their unsatisfactory design. But these experts are not cheap and as a community if everyone throws money in the hat, it won’t fall on just a few neighbours to financially carry the burden. This building site, 93-97 Webb St, as seen in red with the image attached, will set a new precedent for the Fitzroy area making way for residential streets to be overdeveloped with shoe-box eye-sore apartments 7 stories high. We’ve set up a GoFundMe account, and if you can spare a dime, or the time to share our plight, don’t hesitate to click through, we need your help as soon as possible.

So many thanks, Sharney Nougher and The entire Save Fitzroy team.  

David Tieck
2 years ago