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On Friday 9th March UON students organised a rally in support of the USS pension strike and delivered a petition signed by over 200 people to the VC. This is an online extension of the petition delivered on that day.


We, the students of the University of Nottingham, are signing this petition to express our support and solidarity with our incredible staff who are choosing to fight for the future of their pensions and for higher education more broadly. We request that our Vice Chancellor, Shearer West, publicly come out in support of our staff and do all that she can to show the student body that she values our lecturers and us.

We SUPPORT OUR STAFF whose pensions are under threat. We appreciate their hard work and commitment to our education and demand better working conditions for our staff, which includes a fixed sum with which to plan their retirement.

We SUPPORT THE STRIKE and understand why our lecturers have taken the hard decision to withdraw their labour. Their fight is our fight.

We SUPPORT OUR FUTURE and the future of higher education. We are not passive consumers of education, or customers of the university and our staff are not merely service providers. We value our learning for its own sake and welcome a return to fee-free education.