Change Durham University's Drug Policy

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SSDP Durham urges fellow students to sign this petition and encourage the University to review its drugs policy. SSDP is an international drug policy charity focusing on education and harm reduction.

Durham University's drug policy, we believe is not fit for purpose, nor is it transparent. As a student group we have devised a range of recommendations which will make the policy more equitable and will prioritize the welfare and health of students, in line with research evidence.

Here are 7 points which we believe a University drug policy should do:

1. Have strong evidence-base, focussing on harm reduction.

2. Prioritise student and staff mental health and student welfare.

3. Involve students, staff, and societies in negotiations and drafting policy.

4. Engage with local authorities - notably Durham Constabulary and Durham Drugs and Alcohol Recovery Center.

5. Be reviewed every 3 years, to stay abreast with new evidence.

6. Enshrine transparency, especially in the drug-related disciplinary procedures.

7. Promote education surrounding safety, responsibility, and welfare in the nightime economy-

(Topics could include : staying safe in nightlife places, UK law and University policy, taking care of an unwell friend, health consequences, consent ...)

SSDP Durham believes these recommendations create a strong framework for a viable and sensible University drug policy. Please support, sign, and share !



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