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Rename the poor moth Neopalpa donaldtrumpi

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Neopalpa donaldtrumpi is a moth species of the genus Neopalpa occurring in Southern California and Northern Mexico. It was first described by Canadian scientist Vazrick Nazari in January 2017. He chose the name because the moth's head cover reminded him of the hair of Donald Trump and he hoped that the name might create some publicity for underappreciated small animals.


It is clear what is coming now: moth bullying. "Go away you ugly thing! You with your presidential hair. No one has a buck on you. You disgusting asshole!"

This is animal cruelty of the very best kind.

So one suggestion is to rename this poor animal.  
For example "Neopalpa JodyBanks" would be a good name. She was assistant to Colt Seavers and had blond hair, too. 

Dear science, and if you feel the need to name something after Donald J. Trump, take a very disgusting pile of excrements.

Please sign this petition. Because every big change starts with a small step.

Thank you!

picture: wikipedia
Special thanks to Harry Haller

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