Ask Former Daytime TV Producer Del Bigtree to Apologize for his film Vaxxed

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Del Bigtree produced a film called Vaxxed in 2016 that the public was led to believe was a real documentary showing how the MMR vaccine causes autism. Throughout the film were examples of  "perfectly healthy" children who received the MMR vaccine and then "overnight" "regressed" to autism.

On December 1st, 2017 Del Bigtree wrote on Twitter  "The Cause of Autism now Definitive." The tweet included a video where Del explains that the cause of aluminum.

Now that Del Bigtree has declared the cause of autism definitive as aluminum I'm calling on Del to make a public apology for his film Vaxxed which wrongly declared the cause of autism to be the MMR vaccine (which has no aluminum.)

We are also calling on EVERY SINGLE PERSON associated with Vaxxed (from the director to the caterer) to apologize to each and every family they exploited with this false claim.

We thank Del for finally admitting it's NOT the MMR vaccine that causes #autism but we will need a public apology to truly start the healing process.

It's time to put his personal agenda aside and think of the families who were harmed by the film. Do the right thing, Del.



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