Improved Menopause services for all women in WALES

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Women in Wales Call for More & Better Menopause Services!

With 52% of the population being female, chances are that most women, at some point, will experience the debilitating effects of the menopause. Whether this is surgical, medical or natural, the resources currently available in Wales’s seven local health boards do not meet the demands of women in this country suffering often severe symptoms.

We are calling upon Welsh Government to invest in more menopause resources and services in Wales as without this support, women are currently struggling to sustain employment, manage any caring responsibilities they may have, or simply have a decent quality of life. 1 in 4 women leave work as they cannot cope with the sometimes un-manageable symptoms.

Having contacted all 7 health boards in Wales, we have only managed to find 2 dedicated menopause clinics in the 22 counties in Wales, both of which run one day / afternoon per week and require a medical referral to utilise them; one is run by Aneurin Bevan Health Board, the other by Cwm Taf. Current waiting lists are approximately 4-6 months long.

This lack of support and care for Welsh women and their families is not acceptable. Our petition is therefore calling upon the Assembly to provide more specialist services, regularly updated knowledge for GP’s, Gynaecologists and practitioners on the benefits of HRT, for example, and widely available information for women and employers alike.

The vision we have is for people to no longer see the topic of menopause as a dirty secret but for it to be widely and accurately discussed in the media, and for women to be able to access literature, signposting to advice, therapies, support groups and specialist services through the NHS in Wales in a timely manner. This is so that they can be better prepared and prescribed appropriate treatment without having to endure countless years of anguish from not knowing what’s happening to them or how to manage it.

Whatever your experience thus far, please do share by commenting below. Please also let us know where you are based (ie your town or city and the LHB to which you are assigned. If you are outside of Wales, please share your name and City). This will assist us in our discussions with the Cabinet Secretary for Health as we make the case that these specialised services in Wales are essential and critical for the well-being of women, their families, communities, and the economy.