Say NO to a Highrise at the corner of Bathurst and Flamingo

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NO FLAMINGO HIGHRISE is a community-based group formed to protect our neighbourhood from the negative impacts that the development of a 12-story high-rise building will bring. The proposed building is planned for the southeast corner of Flamingo Road and Bathurst Street, and will be attached to the Chabad Flamingo Synagogue. Below are just some of the many impacts our community will face:

*Congested Street Parking

*Increased Traffic Congestion and Thru Traffic

*Shading and Loss of Privacy

*Construction Disruption

*Increased Pollution

While the new building will affect the immediate neighborhood more accutely, anyone driving through or visiting the area will feel the impact of this proposed developement due to increased traffic and parking congestion.  

We care deeply about the quality of life in the Bathurst/Flamingo area and believe that this proposed highrise will negatively impact the neighborhood's environment.