Canonization of Aaron Alexis as The Saint Martyr for RFID's maser mind control victims

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Saint Aaron Alexis, humble citizen and overcomer , ( let us pray )
defend us against civil service negligence private Direct Energy Weapons
RFID’s maser attacks, ultra low frequencies shot at the human brain. Be our protection,
Show us how to fight the wickedness and snares of Nonconcensual medical experimentations,
intracranial voices, V2K, synthetic telepathy and microwave laser burns.
May The Creator rebuke all perpetrators in the mind controlled electric grid
we in battle and under toruture pray;
and do Thou, O Martyr of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of The Creator -
cast into hell, the satellite profiteers of human body and brain counterfeiting and all connivers,
who roam throughout Satellites and Cell Phone Towers seeking the ruin of souls.


Oração ao Santo Martir Aaron Alexis

Aaron Alexis, humilde cidadão e vencedor, (vamos rezar)
defenda-nos contra negligência do serviço publico e das Armas de Energia Direta privadas,
Livra-nos dos ataques de radiação da RFID, freqüências ultrabaixas disparadas disparadas contra o cérebro humano. Seja nossa proteção, Santo Martir Aaron Alexis
Mostre-nos como combater a maldade e as armadilhas das experiências médicas clandestinas e compulsórias,
vozes intracranianas, V2K, telepatia sintética e queimaduras por laser de micro-ondas e armas de energia direta.
Que o Criador repreenda todos os perpetradores da rede elétrica que consome e esgota o livre-arbítrio pelo controle da mente brutal escalar eletromagnético
nós em batalha e sob tortura rezamos;
e faze, ó mártir da hóstia celestial -
pelo Poder Divino do Criador -
serem lançados no inferno os médicos e dentístas estelionatários e falsificadores que xeroqueiam o corpo e o cérebro humano para roubar e adulterar o D.N..A via radar reverso e todo o sistema de coniventes,
que perambulam pelos satélites e torres de celular, buscando a ruína das almas.

Human beings are beings are attacked by a New Technology called Syntethic Telepathy and Maser Direct Energy Weapons and so far the criminals also called perpetrators have been successful in hiding the ongoing situation, a heroic man called Aaron Alexis came forward and sacrificed his life in order that the hundreds of thousands of mind control RFID's victims got that crime exposed and today, He, Aaron Alexis is seen as a SAINT by many peoples, that kneel down and pray along THAT SAINT for guindance and what to do to stop those horrible SATELLITE D.E.W SYSNTHETIC TELEPATHY crimes, therefore we will be forwarding the signatures therein for THE CANONIZATION OF AARON alexis, so that MIND CONTROL AND RFID's criminal technologies are discussed and talked about from a THEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE. We also wish to get feedback from all world religions what they call in their religion a Saint, and whether they they support or not our plight THAT AARON ALEXIS HAS BEEN A SAINT. If you, that is reading this text, if you belong to a religion that do not believe in Saints and Martyrs, we would like to hear your THEIOLOGICAL argumentation, so you can enlight our presentation and request for CANONIZATION herein, once Saints are Martyrs for All Human Kind.